This is such an exciting time and your future is depending on making the right decisions. What you may not realize is that there are many opportunities available to help you save money and get into the home of your dreams, for less. Chances are, if you’re looking to buy your first home, you qualify for one or more grants for low-income home buyers.

Now is the Time to Buy – Not Lease

We have become industry experts in the process of purchasing your first home and finding financing programs that are available to you. Our expert service is free of charge because our fees are completely covered by the seller. Our experts help you through every step, from searching to financing to closing — at no charge. Simply start your FREE APPLICATION to take the next step towards getting your new home!

Explore Your Home Buying Options and Programs

There are a variety of programs available to fit every situation. Please see the chart below and complete the free application to see what is available to you!

Save As You Go FHA Program
  • Get started with just $500 down
  • Lock in pricing on the home of your choice
  • Save up the remainder of the down payment on your schedule
680+ Credit Score Program
  • Your hard work pays off:
    Get rewarded for great credit
  • Lower down payments
  • Reduces or eliminates Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
VA Program
  • Thank you for your service:
    You deserve to own your dream home
  • Vets pay no PMI
  • Pay zero down, zero out-of-pocket closing costs
Rural Housing USDA Program
  • Own your dream home—away from hectic city life
  • 100 percent financing
  • Low PMI
Custom Build on Your Own Lot Program
  • 20 percent down construction loan
  • Build on your existing lot, or purchase new land
  • Tear-down-and-rebuild projects available
First Time Plus Program
  • Get help with your down payment
  • Take full advantage of government assistance programs
  • Start now, but move only when your current lease is up
Grant Money Program
  • Earn up to $8,000 in grant money
  • You need not be a first-time home buyer to qualify
  • Minimize your out-of-pocket expenses
Conventional Loan Program
  • Typically requires a credit score of 680+
  • Enjoy the security of fixed rates and payments
  • Loans up to the $400,000 range
REO & Renovation Loan Program
  • Available for Home Path/Home Style properties
  • Purchase and renovate your new home—all with one loan
  • Requires a down payment of just 3 to 5 percent
Credit Repair Program
  • Not your average approach to credit repair
  • Free consultation
  • No monthly fee