What a New Home Can Offer a First Time Home Buyer

The Choice is Yours

With a new home, you get to choose your time frame, budget, location, and house style. You can buy exactly what you want and exactly what you need by controlling all of these key attributes and you don’t have to settle for someone else’s home.

It costs less money

With an existing home you often have to pay for closing costs, appraisals and inspections whereas on a new home, you typically don’t incur those costs. This means it takes less money out of pocket to buy a new home.

Move In on Your Time Frame

You only have to move once so move into your new home when it’s convenient for you. Maybe that’s when your lease is up in 30 to 60 days or even up to 2-10 months. With a new home, the time frame is controlled by you and no one else. It’s also easier to move into a new home – you don’t’ have to worry about
repairs and undoing the previous owners decorating.

Energy efficiency

Homes today are built with savings in mind. From energy efficient windows to properly insulated walls and attics, new homes will save you money in the long run by keeping utility costs low.

Larger Selection

When you establish a budget, you can literally choose from all of the homes that fit your comfortable budget, and narrow it down from there. Modern designs, state of the art technology, and the most recent innovations can all be part of the selection process. Often with existing homes, you have to chase whats on the market and get into competitive situations with other buyers. Its more relaxing to buy a new home.